Architectures of Hiding

Donald Kunze

Architecture of the span


DR. DONALD KUNZE has taught architecture theory and general arts criticism at Penn State University since 1984. His book on Giambatista Vico studied the operation of metaphoric imagination and memory. As a Shogren Foundation Fellow, he developed a system of dynamic notation based on the calculus of George Spencer Brown, and as the 2003 Reyner Banham Fellow at the University at Buffalo, he extended this system to problems of boundaries in art, architecture, film and geographical imagination. As a Nadine Carter Russell Fellow at the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture at LSU, he worked with Kevin Benham redeploying the idea of the surrealist garden as a studio matrix. In two seminars held at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Center, he used psychoanalytic models to develop experimental approaches to critical-synesthetic thinking. He is currently completing a book on critical theory about architecture, performance, painting, film, and fiction and a novel about a psychoanalyst and failed academic whose only client is an architect who dreams about hysterical houses.