Architectures of Hiding

The Art and Craft of the Art and Craft of Asking your Boss for a Raise

Josh Silver

To access the dynamic material conditions of the past in its most banal, everyday forms, artefacts and their mechanisms are visualised and played-out in theatrical space (for this project, a stage adaptation of Georges Perec’s novella entitled The Art and Craft of Asking Your Boss for a Raise)1 utilising constraint operations (defined by Harry Mathews as, “A strict and clearly definable rule, method, procedure or structure that generates a [textual work],”2 expanded by Georges Perec as, “describable, definable [and] available to everyone.”)3


Drawing Set

Illustration of undefined
Illustration of undefined
Illustration of Full Scale Model

Full Scale Model



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| Josh Silver | Manchester Architectural Research Group, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.|

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